What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant creates bespoke ceremonies for your special occasions including Weddings, Vow Renewals Elopements, Milestone Ceremonies and Naming Ceremonies.

I can perform your ceremony in a way that is unique and personal to you. I can do this on any day of the week and in any setting – be that your family home or the Cliffs of Moher!

For your wedding, I will focus on telling your love story and building a beautiful day around this that is unique and tailored to you. The love story is an essential element to Vow Renewal Ceremonies too, particularly how it has evolved and grown over the years.  If you’re planning a Baby Naming ceremony I can create a perfect ceremony to introduce your little one to the world to start them out on their new chapter.


€450 basic plus travel outside Cork


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What I Do

 As a Celebrant I will be working with you to create a magical day. I create bespoke ceremonies with you and your style in mind. I will write your love story – a tale as special and unique as you are! I will help you pick beautiful readings and verses to compliment your ceremony along with enhancements like a handtying, unity candle ceremony or ring warming ceremony. These enhancements are a lovely way to get your family and friends involved in the day.

With my creative mind I can craft a love story and ceremony just for you.  It will be full of everything that is important to you. I also offer a bespoke gift service. I create a one off poem for your ceremony which is a lovely way to carry the memories with you.

I have a one wedding per day policy so you will have my full undivided attention. I can officiate your ceremony anywhere and anytime, under a starry sky or in your back garden at home – whatever you envision I can help make a reality. This is one of the key differences between a Celebrant and a Solemniser.

The Legalities

As an Independent Celebrant, I cannot legally marry two people. All that this means is that after you’ve registered your intent to marry and been awarded your marriage licence, which everyone who wishes to be legally married has to do, you will return to the registry office for a brief formal visit where you and your witnesses will sign the licence instead of completing this step during your ceremony. This should not take more than twenty minutes. You can have your Celebrant led wedding ceremony with me before or after the legal signing, if you choose to be legally married that is, and have the celebration of your dreams. We can conduct a ceremonial signing for pictures as well.

For more information of the legal components, if required, please visit this website. However, in choosing a Celebrant you can have a beautiful, unique and personal ceremony outside of the traditional offerings full of joy and love.


Ceremony Enhancements

I can offer wonderful ceremony enhancements too which are a great way to involve friends and family in the occasion and to add personalisation. These  ceremonies symbolise the union of two families becoming one. These can be adapted to suit your needs and work in a variety of ceremonies.

Ring Warming Ceremony

This is a really great enhancement filled with love and one of my favourites. This enhancement gets all the guests involved. For this ceremony, the rings are passed around the guests (in a box is always the safest call!). Each guest bestows their well wishes for the couple so by the time we get to the exchanging of the rings they are full of love and positivity and warmed from the hearts of your guests.


Hand-Fasting Ceremony

This is a unity ceremony and the phrase ‘tying the knot’ comes from this ritual. Couples stand facing each other and their hands are bound together, symbolising the joining together of two separate lives into one. Coloured ribbons are often used in this ritual and you can pick your colours based on what they symbolise e.g pink ribbon for love, unity and honour. I can bind your hands and recite the ceremonial words, or you can get your friends and family involved which is so special to be able to do.


Unity Candle Ceremony

This is another lovely enhancement that gets your family involved in the day. There are three candles, one to represent each family and one to represent the couple. A member of each family comes up to light the candle that represents them. The couple then light their candle from the flames of the family candles, symbolising the uniting of these families.


Unity Sand Ceremony

During this unity ceremony, the couple pour sand from individual vessels into one combined vessel. This is a visual symbolisation of the union of these two lives. The sand can be of any colour which makes for quirky mementos of your day which can be displayed at home. This is also a great ceremony to involve kids in and a lovely way to show the joining of two families.



For more information on getting married in Ireland and the legal requirements please visit this website.


Speech Writing Services from €100

Writing and performing speeches can be daunting for some people. Trying to find the right words and tone is tricky. I am delighted to offer a service which will help write and edit your speech. Speech writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so why not let a wordsmith help get your thoughts on the page. I will take your ideas and anecdotes and craft them into a personal and appropriate speech for any occasion big or small.